Teckwrap Craft’s Scrap Collector is a brilliant solution that makes your weeding job 10 times easier. If you’re tired of annoying vinyl pieces cluttering your work desk, their Scrap Collector is just what you need. It has a reasonably-sized hole in the middle that can collect all the sticky scraps and bits in one, clean place. The collector has a powerful suction allowing you to fix it in a flat place as you’re cutting and weeding your favourite vinyl art. Made from firm and durable silicone, this Scrap Collector is perfect for beginners and experts. And when you’re done cleaning, transform this Scrap Collector into a fancy holder for your precious weeding tools!



    • Large collector hole that can take in large piles of vinyl pieces 
    • Versatile and Efficient 
    • Strong suction allowing you to fix it in a convenient place
    • Made from long-lasting silicone material  
    • Can also be used as a holder for weeding and sewing tools 
    • smartly shaped