Personalize your fashion at minimal cost! Teckwrap Craft’s Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl allows you to create stunning shapes, patterns, and designs for your tees, hoodies, hats, and bags. This ready-to-cut vinyl is super-thin and durable so you can easily stretch it to your desired shape and size. 

Enjoy cutting and weeding your vinyl art down to the most intricate details without a fuss. Its super-adhesive power means that it won’t peel off or fade even after many, many washes. The beautiful, glittery pattern is an eye-catching choice for customizing your t-shirts and clubwear. Available in a great variety of colors, order our Glitter HTV today!

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 30.5cm x 152.4cm

    • 12"x 5ft. roll (30.5cm x 152.4cm)
    • Excellent durability with waterproof adhesion
    • Fabric-friendly heat transfer vinyl for shirts, bags, hoodies, hats, aprons. 
    • Washing-machine friendly 
    • Incredibly stretchable, lightweight, and thin for easy cutting and sticking
    • Clutter-free cutting and weeding to any shape, size, contour, and angle 
    • Easy of transfer across smooth cotton fabrics 
    • Cost-effective option for personalized gifts