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Create impressive wall decals, lettering, and designs with Teckwraps New Matte Adhesive Vinyl Roll. Available in 16 stunning colors like rose gold, salmon pink, and space blue, this vinyl will bring all your art creations to life. It’s ultra-thin, soft, and flexible feel allows you to cut and trim it down to the most intricate designs and letters. Their craft vinyl sheets have a gorgeous matte finish that’s simply luxurious to admire and feel. Have fun creating banner art, wall and window graphics, signage, and scrapbook decals that will remain vibrant and beautiful through the years. The vinyl transfers easily and is ideal for indoor projects. Its permanent adhesive offers amazing stickiness and works well on smooth, hard surfaces. 


NEW Matte Adhesive Vinyl roll

GST Included

Buy 2 get the 3rd 50% off

    • 12" x 5ft. (0.3 x 1.5m)
    • 0.1mm Liner:0.15mm
    • Indoor/outdoor use
    • Extremely durable 
    • 16 unique color options 
    • Matte finish
    • Easy, clutter-free cutting and weeding 
    • Smooth wrinkle-free application 
    • Quick and easy transfer
    • Soft, ultra-thin vinyl material for making fine designs and small letters
    • Ideal for mugs, tumblers, cups, car mirrors, wall decals, window graphics, signage art, laptop skins, scrapbooking
    • Surface-friendly 
    • Compatible with all craft cutters and vinyl plotters  
    • Clean Surface - prepare your target surface clean and dry, the smoother the surface the easier to transfer the vinyl.
    • Design with a cutter - put on a cutting mat that has a sticky back and cut the design by cutting machines.
    • Weeding the excess vinyl - leave the letters/graphics on the sheet (hook tools work well).
    • Apply the transfer paper - gently put a transfer tape on the surface of the cut vinyl.
    • Use a scraper over the design and make sure the transfer tape is adhering to the vinyl nice and tight.
    • Adhere it to the new clean and dry flat surface slowly- carefully work with delicate patterns.
    • Remove Transfer paper


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