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Transform your t-shirts and hoodies with our New Opal Heat Transfer Vinyl. Super-glossy, colorful, and extremely durable, use this vinyl to create lustrous designs, patterns, and graphics for your favorite clothes. Cut and shape it to your desired image and use a heat press or household iron to fix it on your garment. 

This glossy heat transfer vinyl works great on 100% dry cotton. Its lustrous sheen is perfect for designing team wear, polo shirts, and event costumes. The material is ultra-thin and smooth allowing you to cut and weed small letters and intricate t-shirt vinyl designs quickly! 

We recommend a test cut for artists to ensure you always get the parameters right! 


NEW Opal Glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll 5ft

GST Included
    • Size: 12” x 5 ft (0.305*1.55m)
    • Extremely durable and resistant to harsh elements 
    • Smooth and glossy Opal-like finish 
    • Easy cutting and weeding of small letters and delicate designs
    • Perfect for personalizing apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, pillow cases.
    • Quick and easy transfer 
    • Ideal for 100% dry, smooth cotton
    • Works with all craft cutters 
    • Compatible with Craft Cutters, Die Cutters, Sign Plotters,etc.
    • Mirror/Reverse your image design.
    • Place vinyl (gloss side) onto a cutting mat .
    • Adjust proper blade speed and cutting pressure .
    • Weed all of the excess slowly, leaving the delicate design letters or graphics.
    • Make sure the finished product faces the right way once ironed onto your fabric.
    • Lay out the fabric.Place the t-shirt or fabric on a hard, flat clean dry surface.
    • Place a cardboard to protect the transferred image onto both sides of the t-shirt.
    • Set a heat press machine from 150℃(302℉) to 160℃(320℉) .
    • Press it only for 8-12 seconds at medium pressure.
    • Iron on the vinyl gloss side. Do not use steam iron.
    • Disperse the iron's heat evenly.Be sure to consistently apply pressure so the complete image is fully attached and prevent scorching the paper and cracking the image.
    • Wait for the vinyl to COOL and gently peel off backing after few minutes
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