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Awaken team spirits with standard or classy neon-colored team wear made from Teckwrap Craft’s Regular PU Heat Transfer Vinyl. This vinyl is smooth, glossy, and easily cuts to your desired letters, logos, shapes, and figures. Enjoy making ambitious slogans and team initials to stick on club t-shirts. The material is thin and stretchable for sticking decals and graphics easily onto cotton fabrics. 

Since it matches with most craft cutters, this vinyl can be clipped to the most precise angles and contours. It’s easy to transfer, gentle, and instantly sticks to the fabric with precision. Come what may, their Regular PU HTV Vinyl remains durable and firm in harsh environments, making it perfect for rough-and-tough athletics. 

The best heat transfer vinyl rolls for bags, aprons, pillowcases, fashion accessories, and so much more!


Regular PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll 30.5cm x 152.4cm

GST Included

Buy 2 get the 3rd 50% off

    • 12” x5ft. (30.5 cm x 152.4cm)
    • Available in 25 Colors including Regular & Neon.
    • Extremely durable and flexible making it perfect for all purpose. 
    • Thin, stretchable material that looks like it’s part of the garment. 
    • Easy, clutter-free cutting and weeding.
    • Waterproof adhesion.
    • Friendly to smooth, dry cotton fabric surfaces.
    • Perfect for fabric décor like t-shirts, bags, aprons, pillowcases, and bedsheets.


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